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October 19, 2012 by Cloth and Ink

Ok, so I was busy all last week designing patterns for my new pinnies, or aprons as those outside of the UK may say! I’m not really into the full length ones, maybe because I can’t quite pull them off at my mini height so I’ve been developing a half apron and a smock coverall. I was doing my research in true product development style and came across so many gorgeous ones. You really are spoilt for choice. So after much oohing and I set to business.

Here’s what I came up with and may well be selling in my shop in the coming weeks. Firstly, a bistro style half apron (although a little long on me it will sit fairly short) with handy double pocket at the front and twill straps for fastening at the front or back.

Bistro Half Apron

Bistro Half Apron

Secondly, a smock style apron. This is a loose fitting style with cross over straps which just slips over your head. Again it would sit shorter in the length and has a double pocket on the front. I’m thinking that I’ll make the straps adjustable with some sliders so it will have more of an overall look from the front.

Smoke Apron

Smock Apron from Cloth & Ink

Back of Smock Apron

So what do you think? I’m liking the smock look, loose, comfy, maybe I’ll use it as an overall for myself, I quite fancy the idea of wearing a uniform to work. I was wondering what everyone out there thinks, which of these styles is your preference during your culinary creativity in the kitchen?


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