Get Crafty – Greeting Cards

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June 18, 2012 by Cloth and Ink

It’s been a while since I’ve had chance to share a little tutorial, time has flown the past few weeks but I’m back today with a great little project anyone can do.

I began a few years ago to make greeting cards as a way to use up all the scrap pieces of fabric and the results have brought many a smile. I love to make a unique card for my friends and family with a design tailored to the occasion or something personal. Below are instructions giving you a simple way to do it too. You’re going to need the following;

  • card
  • fabric scraps and/or felt
  • sewing machine
  • glue stick
  • scissors

First of all decide on your design. I like to cut out a template on card for the shapes I need, in this case I wanted an apple. Place the template on the reverse side of the fabric, draw around it and cut out the shape. Do the same for the other pieces you need depending on your design. Remember when drawing on the reverse of the fabric the final image will be the opposite way round. This may be important in some designs.

Next you’ll need to lightly glue the fabric piece to the base card just to hold it in place while you sew. You can use whatever color yo like but prefer cream because the colors on the fabric really pop out.  Matching the sewing thread to the color of fabric, sew carefully around the edge of the fabric piece.

Depending on the other pieces making up your design, continue to sew or glue these to the card. For the smaller pieces I like to use felt as this is easier to handle than fabric and doesn’t fray at the edges. I glued my felt pieces on because they were so small.

With your design complete now is the time to attach the design to the main greeting card. Glue it in place to save using pins and then sew around the edge. You can use a matching thread or a contrasting thread for some added detail and similarly a plain stitch or a fancy stitch.

And there you go.. a cute personal card for someone you care about. Here are a few others I’ve made in the past to give you some fun ideas. If you would like a print out for the templates I have used just leave me a quick comment and I’ll get that to you.


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