Small verses BIG in the world of retail

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April 15, 2012 by Cloth and Ink

I read this interesting article on the Etsy Blog back in January and it was a story I felt compelled to share with you.

It’s about a unique shopping street in Bristol, UK,  which has many independent, community based stores. The principles and problems within the street can be applied to high streets and main streets in towns across the UK and USA. Large chain stores have taken over the high streets, dissolving towns of their individual charm and identity. Soon every town will look the same, everyone will dress the same and everyone’s home interiors will be identical, unless there is a revival of the independent store, an appreciation for handmade goods and the value of less is more surfaces again.

The reign of chain stores took hold as production moved overseas, prices were lowered and lowered and as consumers we got sucked in by these low prices. Years later this has had a drastic affect on communities and small businesses and has created a vicious cycle. In my opinion we need to jump on a different bicycle now and start peddling backwards to the good old days.

Watch this BBC video about one local UK street to learn more.

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