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March 26, 2012 by Cloth and Ink

As my shop is all about organic, sustainable products I’ll be writing a weekly eco post to help you find stylish eco products for you and your home. When I began my textile printing business, using organic fabrics was key! It took a while to source these fabrics at affordable prices but it was worth the effort. Lots of products and materials claim to be eco friendly and I found it was important to read the details to make sure just how organic they are. Some materials are grown organically but have been cleaned and dyed using harmful chemicals for example.

There is a whole host of information out there on eco living but here I’m trying to break it down simply and pretty it up a little so you can see how you don’t have to sacrifice style to be help the planet. Today I’m focusing on organic products for the home with an emphasis on the kitchen, I’ll be working my way through the home each week. So here’s a collection of beautiful, stylish products to show you just what I’m talking about.

Organic Kitchen products

When you talk about organic products the key is knowing where the raw materials come from and how they are handled and finished. You can also go the final step and find out if the actual product has been made with eco friendly practices in mind. I found all these items on Etsy and reading through the product details I was pretty reassured of where the materials had come from and how the products have been made with some stores going that extra mile, like Little Sapling Toys for example donates money from each purchase to planting a tree through Trees for the Future. What a great idea!

The products features above are form the following artists, crafters and designers;

1 – Organic cotton crochet dishcloths made with yarn that is grown and spun without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals from The Sitting Tree

2- Noirliliana uses natural ingredients and organic oils in their soaps.

3 – Gray Works Design use local and sustainably harvested or salvaged American hardwoods, and natural, organic, food safe finishes for their beautiful chopping boards.

4 – Aprons made from family produced hemp and organic cottons by Attitude And Apron

5 – Hand printed tea towels from organic, fair trade hemp by Cloth & Ink

6 – Children’s rolling pin by Little Sapling Toys who make a donation to plant a tree for each purchase.

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